TGE Productions is an innovative company focused in the arts of multimedia.

TGE Productions is about creating – festive events, original music, independent movies, demo reels, music videos, surround sound HD movie theaters, etc.

Our creating and designing is intended not only for our own projects but also for yours. Do you need to create an event, record original music, make a music video or an independent movie? Do you need an MC to announce, a DJ, a Karaoke host, a live band or other entertainment for an event? Do you need an audio and video setup for a private party, a festival or a corporate event?

We can help.

TGE Productions has been creating events for many years and comes from a background of organizing events as well as  creating  music, doing audio, video and movie-making that spans nearly 3 decades. Carouse around our site to see a little of what we do.