Check out some of our short movies and videos:

“hMTU-1” – An elite special officer encounters troubles and finds himself in a similar predicament as one of his arrested perpetrators.

“By Hearing” is a short “real life type” movie (running time 15:01) about the preventable, tragic and real epidemic of hearing loss prevalent in modern society.

Most recent Stunt Reel, produced Jan, 2014

Stunt Demo – 2014


This short movie was written, produced, cast and edited by TGE Productions in mid 2012. The music is all original music written, performed and produced by TGE Productions.

A Land Without Coasting – 2012


This video is a stunt demo reel that was compiled and published in 2007. The music is also an original composition created by TGE Productions.

Stunt Demo – 2007