Our latest project has just been completed – a completely solar powered sound system. No more gas powered generators. This solar power unit was built from scratch and is able to run the system through the day and straight through the night. Contact us to design your own customizable solar unit with or without the sound system.

Mid sized Solar Powered Sound System, September, 2013

We recently completed organization of our largest event to date. “God’s Green Earth Festival” was a 2 day, green earth, music, arts and sports festival. Our intent was to bring the latest in green technology to the public, using music, arts and extreme sports. We believe that we have been endowed by God with the gift of this beautiful earth and that it is our due diligence to protect and preserve it. This festival was held in Venice beach from Friday to Saturday, July 12-13, 2013 and was free to the general public. Feel free to click on the God’s Green Earth Festival link for more information or send an email to:  Some photos from the event have been posted on the “Pics” page of this website.


TGE Productions also produces short movies, music videos and features quite regularly. This trailer highlights scenes from our most recent short movie, called, “hMTU-1”, produced for the 168 Hour Film Festival. Besides producing this short movie, TGE Productions also cast, directed, edited and musically scored the project. All of the songs are original compositions and productions of TGEP as well.

“hMTU-1”, trailer       TGE Productions, June 2013

Created in 2012, “A Land Without Coasting” is another short movie created by TGE Productions. This spiritually based drama was also written, cast, directed, edited and musically scored with original TGE Productions’ songs. The full length movie can be seen on our videos page. The trailer is below.

“A Land Without Coasting”, trailer     TGE Productions, August 2012